To the ends and new beginnings

To me, end of the summer is always a special time of the year with its many endings and new beginnings. It marks the end of the summer holidays, and the time when the white nights give room to dark evenings. It’s the farewell to the beach life, about which we’ve got to enjoy maybe more than ever here in Finland with 5-week-long heat wave behind us. And soon, it’s also a goodbye to the swallows that start their migration towards the south.

At the same time with the swift of the season from summer to early autumn, some new beginnings emerge. Start of the schools and getting back to office. Harvesting begins. Leaves start turning to yellow little by little, and rowan berries are gaining their bold orange color.

Here’s some music to match the mixed feelings related to the time of the year. Beautiful, a bit melancholic, yet hopeful at the same time.


To the endings and new beginnings, and until the next time when you’ll hear about what’s going to happen here at the TA offices this autumn!


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