Day 4 – Mon 4th Aug – Dissolved organic carbon and water chemistry

Today I’ve been sampling with the PEATEDGE guys from where the pine forests transition into open bog, while Roxane and Mark were working on our project.. I’ve been measuring water table depth, pH, conductivity, water temperature and I also collected samples for dissolved organic carbon analysis. I did this on three different transects today and worked with Angela who took samples from the same sites for testate amoebae counting.

Paul collecting a pore water sample

Paul collecting a pore water sample

Picture 067

Angela with one of her testate amoebae samples















Picture 070

Paul pore water sampling in the forest to bog transition

Meanwhile Joss and Richard were measuring more tree diameters and coring to measure peat depth. The coring seemed particularly hard work and I felt I got off quite lightly at that point. In the afternoon Angela and I were working at a site on our own for a while, this is when the watching around for the bears started… being left without our Russian guides or larger group a bit of paranoia set in.

In the evening we sat around the table together, filtering the samples for DOC with syringe filters. Some of these were easy while others which were full of peat caused a bit more difficulty! We got all but one filtered freshly from the field – a difficult one which turned out to be more peat than water is sitting in a test tube waiting for it solids to settle before trying again!

Picture 073

Filtering samples around the table in the kitchen at Mukhrino Field Station

The ladies have now gone to the sauna and I am waiting for the men’s turn!

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