Week 2 in Zackenberg

It is a short entry this week as I am trying to spend as much time in the field as possible. This week has seen a couple of warm sunny days of 14 ̊C, but the last 2 days have been wet and windy, with almost constant rainfall meaning that water levels in the streams have risen substantially. Fieldwork has been going well however, and I have been able to collect and sort macroinvertebrate samples from 3 of the 5 streams we are studying for foodwebs.
Alongside the work I mentioned last week, we are also studying nutrient uptake. This involves adding small amounts of ammonium, nitrate, phosphate and ammonium combined with acetate to the streams to look at uptake rates. Simon and I have managed to do a couple of nutrient uptake experiments in the past week, and we now have to wait for the water levels to go down again after almost 48 hours of rain! We still have 5 days left to finish off everything we need to before we fly home. That will mean some long days in the field. Luckily, here at Zackenberg there is always a brilliant chef throughout the summer months, so it’s great to come back to the station after a long hard day to a nice warm meal.
I will upload some photos of our work and the area when I’m back in the UK next week.

Until then!



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