Meet the new bloggers #3

Another Arctic Research blog has started up for this field season! Actually, in this case it’s rather a much-wished come-back blog, as Helena Bylund and Tea Ammunét continue their blog Capisco –Searching answers to large scale dynamics in insect populations when returning to the field work for their sub-project entitled VINCERO.
The acronym stands for Viruses In Northern Cyclic EpiRrita and Operophtera populations. This time around, Helena and Tea are focusing on a virus causing deaths in the two geometrid species whose population dynamics they are studying. The role of these virus(es) in the cyclic population dynamics of the geometrids is not known, and that’s what Helena and Tea are planning to reveal this summer. The field work will take place at several INTERACT sites in Sweden, Norway and Finland, so we can expect for an exciting road-trip full of adventures, mosquitoes and varying weather conditions!
The Midsummer feast is just behind the corner, taking place over the weekend, so hopefully we also get to hear where and how these two ladies spend this most anticipated summer celebration of Finland!
As most other Finns, I am about to escape and spend the Midsummer at the summer cabin, surrounded by family members and millions of blood thirsty mosquitoes. Cooking by the open fire, smoking fish, hiking in the woods, relaxing in the warmth of sauna and refreshing myself with a dip into a (freezing cold) lake. Can’t wait to that!

Happy Midsummer to everyone!



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