Keeping cool…

…is not easy at the moment. We are currently experiencing the first days of summer, and right away it got very hot! It is +26 degrees Celcius, so at least according to local standards we are practically boiling here!


It’s so pretty outside, sun is shining from bright blue skies and the trees that have been dormant for so many months are turning lush and green in front of our eyes. Also the white nights are here; meaning that there’s no sleeping unless you are able to block the light outside by some special shades or so. Nevertheless, who’d even want to sleep now that we finally got summer?! Everyone is just hanging out, smiling and socializing –except when the Finnish national team has a game at the Ice-Hockey World Championships. Then everyone goes back inside to open the television and cheer to “the Finnish Lions”. Unfortunately, they have not done too well this year, so it’s possible that today’s game is the last one for the current tournament.


Here at TA offices it’s pretty hectic as well. More and more user groups are starting their field work; some have even made their visits already and project reports start arriving any time now. I’ll update the project descriptions on the TA webpages along with that, so you also get to know what has been achieved during the summer. Another current issue is the preparation of our application to Horizon2020. The stations that wish to offer access in the future are preparing their unit cost calculations. We are guiding the stations in the process and providing feedback on the calculations –it’s quite a task because there are over 30 stations that are involved. At the same time, the hundreds of pages of instructions and guidelines related to the ongoing Horizon2020 call have become more than familiar to me and Kirsi… I even saw a dream about the “Commission decision authorizing the use of reimbursement on the basis of unit costs for actions involving trans-national access under the Research Infrastructures Part of the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme” the other night!

Ok, enough of work stuff for now! More about that and the forthcoming work trips next time!

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