Meet the new bloggers #2

Our second blogger for the season just started up, conducting research at Finse Alpine Research Station in Norway. Here’s a short post to introduce Adam Booth and his blog to you!
Adam is a Research and Teaching Associate at Imperial College London, UK. His research applies the geophysical methods of seismology and ground-penetrating radar (GPR) in near-surface survey settings, addressing problems in archaeological, engineering and glaciological projects.
The study is conducted around the lower reaches of the Midtdalsbreen glacier that is an outlet of the Hardangerjøkulen ice-cap. Adam will not be working alone in this endeavor – he is collaborating with Benedict Reinardy who a specialist in glacial sedimentology, and with Anna Hughes who is an expert on palaeoglaciology and geochronology, sharing the challenges and rewards of the field work with them.
You can follow Adam and his colleagues research at Finse from the blog GIMMIC –GPR investigation of Midtdalsbreen marginal ice conditions. The team is currently in the middle of intensive field work and measurements, so expect postings about numerous adventures and interesting new findings!


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