Meet the new bloggers #1

It’s time to start meeting our new bloggers! The first one to be introduced is Jonas Lembrechts, who will be reporting about his field work at the Abisko Scientific Research Station in Sweden. Jonas is an aspiring PhD student from University of Antwerp. His research focuses on plant invasions in both the subarctic and subantarctic mountains, answering questions like are the alien plants able to survive here, and will they become invasive. Jonas is already an avid blogger and a talented photographer for the blog “On top of the world”. He plans not to limit his adventures to Scandinavia, but will also take us to Chile where he is conducting field work before his research at Abisko starts. So don’t be surprised if you find pictures of llamas and puma in addition to reindeer from his blog! You can follow Jonas and his team’s work here at the Arctic Research Blogs from the blog “Plant invasions in the subarctic mountains”.

You will meet more of our new bloggers over the next weeks, so stay tuned to Arctic Research Blogs!

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