Go west!

Last week brought us some really good news. We are able to provide access to two of the U.S. stations in the INTERACT network, namely to the Toolik Field Station and the Barrow Environmental Observatory, with support from NSF. Both stations are located in arctic Alaska; Toolik Field Station 600 km north of Fairbanks, and Barrow Environmental Observatory at the northern tip of Alaska on the Arctic Coastal Plain on the coast of Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. I am thrilled, because this new opening means that TA goes pan-Arctic, reaching from Siberia in the east to Alaska in the west!
The call just opened on the INTERACT website. The deadline of the call is 30th April, so if you are interested for the opportunity to conduct research at these sites in 2014, there’s still plenty of time for you to apply. All the application information, including instructions for the research plan, can be found from the call webpages. And additional information is of course available from us at the TA offices. We are looking forward to receiving many inquiries and good applications for state-of-the-art research at these unique sites that both provide possibilities for a large variety of research topics.
Go west, and apply access to the coolest places of the North!

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