Get ready for Season 3!

The preparations for approaching summer field season are speeding up, and we are soon ready to launch Season 3 at the Arctic Research Blogs. This summer will see a record number of research groups visiting the INTERACT sites with support from Transnational Access, as altogether 56 groups from 14 countries are currently preparing to their field work. The groups will be conducting research at 18 stations, including the sites in Greenland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Russian Federation, and the Faroe Islands. In addition, two groups will be conducting field work at two of the Canadian sites in INTERACT; one in Whapmagoostui-Kuujjuarapik supported by CEN, and one in Kluane Lake supported by AINA.

Nine new blogs are starting up here at the Arctic Research blogs during the spring and summer from places like Khibiny, Finse, Tarfala, Abisko, Kevo and Zackenberg. Some for a shorter and some for a longer period of time, depending on the extent of the field work, but all equally exciting and adventurous! The blogs will highlight the experiences of the researches in the often challenging field work conditions. And of course showcase some amazing photos from this extremely beautiful part of the world –the Arctic.

Photo by Hanna Frykman.

Photo by Hanna Frykman.

We will introduce the new bloggers here at the Behind the Scenes blog, and they will also be featured on the About the INTERACT bloggers section. During the next couple weeks we will also make updates on the appearance of the Arctic Research blogs and revamp our site a little bit to celebrate the new season premier. Hopefully you like the changes once they become visible in April!

Stay tuned to meet the new bloggers, and join the adventure for summer 2014 at Arctic Research Blogs!


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