Relight My Fire

We are currently sitting in the departure lounge of Copenhagen airport, awaiting our transfer to Aberdeen having departed from the Faroe Islands earlier this morning. It has been a busy last few days and we have been rushing to make sure that we have all the material required to conduct our continued analyses. We had a moment of fear and panic when wisps of smoke began appearing from the boot of one of our rental cars. Interestingly, some group members recall this incident differently with exaggerated versions of the event involving a mushroom cloud of black smoke and the car transforming into a ball of fire. Either way, not to be discouraged, we exchanged our Suzuki (not so) Swift for an even smaller Kia Piccanto. Luckily, the egos of our two media stars had deflated sufficiently since the beginning of the trip, permitting safe carriage in the replacement vehicle. The last two days were filled with glorious sunshine with shades and lotion required. The weather also facilitated a re-negotiation of distant corries and allowed more confident landscape interpretations. However, it remained cool in the shade and Brice was far from impressed when he was encouraged to wash the coring equipment in a lake mantled by a veneer of ice. Our data collection was brought to an end when the equipment was packed away on Saturday evening, the crates weighed down with an impressive number of samples. We have enjoyed writing about our Faroese adventure and hope that you have enjoyed reading about it. Farvæl Føroyar og takk fyri hesuferð.

P1070390 nr NordradalurP1070409 croppedP1070435

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