Letters of my life, Part I

The other day I was reading one of my favorite magazines and their article series “Letters of my life”, where people describe things important to them, inspired me to write a list of my own:

A is for Access, obviously!

B is for Beneficiary. In INTERACT, we currently have 33 beneficiaries in the Consortium. I am mostly dealing with those 18 that offer TA, but it’s always great to meet and learn about the other beneficiaries as well, when we gather together at the Annual Consortium Meetings.

C is for Consortium, consisting of the 33 beneficiaries. In addition to the beneficiaries that are full partners in the INTERACT Consortium, we also have stations with an Observer status, and more are negotiating to join the INTERACT network.

D is for Dubstep, that I’ve been listening a lot recently -thanks to the Spotify playlists that my son has created for me in order to educate me in this genre of electronic dance music. To live is to learn, I guess!

E is for Environment, as our aim in INTERACT is to identify, understand, predict and respond to the diverse changes in the variety of environmental and land-use envelopess of the Arctic. Besides work, E is for ELLE, one of my all-time favorite magazines and a total escape from the everyday hassle.

F is for Form C, which is used to claim costs occurred during the reporting periods from the EU. This form became very familiar to me last summer, when we prepared our first periodic report. Next reporting is waiting in the beginning of 2014, so I soon get to renew my acquaintance with the form and meet this old friend of mine!

G stands for Geneva where I recently visited to attend the Group on Earth Observations Work Plan Symposium, held at the premises of the World Meteorological Organization. Beautiful city with great sceneries and a lovely old town area, and the Nations area with the headquarters of many international organizations is very impressive.

Geneve_1 Geneve_4

H is for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). I’ve been applying some of the principles for three months into my training now, and I am actually quite amazed by the multiple positive results. Plus it’s more fun and motivating to run now when there’s more variety and shorter bouts of exercise compared to plain running that I’ve been doing for years.

I is for Icebergs. I saw some of them when visiting Greenland last spring and their ice-blue color was so amazing!

J is for Joint Research Activities; work packages 5-7 of INTERACT. These work packages focus on issues that have been identified as gaps related to methods for automatic data collection (WP5), methods for studies of ecosystem feedbacks to climate change (WP6) and methods for coordinated storage of data (WP7).

K is for my motto “Keep calm and carry on”. Works every time when a situation strikes!

L is for laughter, it always makes the day! I am very lucky to have wonderful colleagues around me both in the INTERACT project and at the Thule Institute. It’s twice as fun to work when you can share a heartwarming laughter together.

M is for monitoring – that’s what our project is about, terrestrial research and monitoring in the Arctic, made possible by the extensive network of stations working together towards common goals.

And because it’s summer, M is for Midsummer as well! We are celebrating Midsummer this weekend, and the weather forecast promises a surprisingly good weather -fantastic! In my posting year ago I gave a short briefing about the Finnish Midsummer traditions, which we are of course going to follow again this summer. Cabin, sauna and million mosquitoes are waiting for us!

Appropriately for the approaching celebration, Scotch rose (the Midsummer rose in Finnish) in bloom.

Appropriately for the approaching celebration, Scotch rose (the Midsummer rose in Finnish) in bloom.

Happy Midsummer to everyone, and until the next time, when I continue with the rest of the alphabet!


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