Sun Lessons Learned


So, now I will take the opportunity to describe a lesson that everyone on the trip learned. It has to do with being out in the sun on a (partially ice-covered) lake.

First, I will introduce Tom Kokkonen. Tom is interested in river ice, don’t worry we accepted him anyway, and he came up to Kilpisjärvi to help Elisa Lindgren with her measurements.


Tom Kokkonen and Elisa Lindgren making measurements on Kilpisjärvi.

Now, Tom was out in the boat doing measurements for two 3 hours shifts in one day. He left his hat safely on shore, and also had no sunscreen on. Now, this is what happened…


Tom Kokkonen trying to keep his head cool.

He had to keep his head cool because…


Tom Kokkonen’s sun burnt and swollen head after a day of sampling in the sun.

Now, it should be noted that Tom did seek medical advice about his swollen and sun burnt head, and he was deemed fit for duty. But, we can use Tom as an example of what to do when on a lake.

Wear a hat. Wear sunscreen. And, use a t-shirt dipped in Finnish lake water to keep cool.

Seuraavaan kertaan! (Until next time!)

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