Only in the Arctic!


Most of the CONCUR team came to Finland expecting cold weather and packed accordingly. The rooms here at the house we are staying at are filled with suitcases overflowing with warm jackets, thermal underwear and gloves.

However, since we arrived, the weather has been quite warm. Sometimes, it has been above 30 degrees Celsius (and I am not talking about the temperature inside a float suit). So, as strange as it may seem, many of us have been in shorts and t-shirts. Even the odd pair of flip-flops has been worn (and no toes were lost due to frostbite).

But Team Berlin (Will Rizk, Christof Engelhardt and Georgiy Kirillin) has to take the cake for arctic field gear.


Will Rizk, Christof Engelhardt and Georgiy Kirillin (Team Berlin) looking like they are paddling the Nile, not across an ice-covered Kilpisjärvi.

Seuraavaan kertaan! (Until next time!)


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