Posing for Science!

Huomenta (good morning in Finnish),

Tiede (science) is serious stuff. It is important to document what is being done for research purposes as well as raise public awareness of scientific research. So, photos have always been an important part of field work. One example of a famous “science pose” is biologist Edward Nelson with his handy-dandy instruments from the 1911 Scott expedition to the South Pole.


Photo of biologist Edward Nelson conducting experiments on the Scott Expedition (Taken from the National Geographic Website http://news.nationalgeographic.com).

Some scientists, some we know better than others, like to emulate Nelson’s famous pose.


Alex Forrest channeling Edward Nelson while conducting CTD casts.

Other scientists prefer more action shots of themselves making measurements and doing work.


Elisa Lindgren working hard in her float suit (it was 20 degrees Celsius out at the time).

In this field expedition, quite a bit of pointing goes on as well.


Georgiy Kirillin pointing the way for Christof Engelhardt and Will Rizk.


Christof Engelhardt pointing the other way for Will Rizk and Georgiy Kirillin.

Other scientists like to pose with things, or in our case more important equipment.


Kelly Graves and Jeff Williams posing with UBC-Gavia (the team member everyone actually cares about).

To learn more about Scott’s expedition, check out: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/01/pictures/120117-scott-south-pole-anniversary-hundred-years-science/

Seuraavaan kertaan!

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