The international CONCUR team has descended on Kilpisjärvi!

After months of excitement and preparation, the CONCUR research team has finally arrived in Kilpisjärvi, Finland. The members arrived, with instruments in tow, by planes, trains and automobiles. Team members trekked anywhere from 22 hours to 5 days to reach the research site in northwestern Finland. We’ve travelled from Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. However, the spectacular location made the long and arduous journeys worth it.

(Larry Kost on Lake Kilpisjärvi)

Upon arrival, boxes of equipment and piles of winter field gear took over Kiekula (our home for this expedition). Once boxes were unpacked and instruments strewn around the lab, everyone admired the various scientific instruments that made the journey north.


(Lab with instruments, UBC-GAVIA centred, check back later for more info on instruments)

Then, the main event came, the one we have all been waiting for. We ventured out on the ice! We were immediately struck by the mesmerizing ice cover on Kilpisjärvi (järvi in Finnish means lake). It stretches for kilometers in every direction and is surrounded by snowy mountains and blue sky. With such wonderful ice cover and so much space, the lake seems to offer endless possibilities for under-ice research.


(Elisa Lindgren being mesmerized)

Another great feature of this location is that there is light for approximately 24 hours day right now. The lake is located 69°03’N (the Arctic Circle is approximately located at the 66° parallel). 


(Sunset at 1:15 am, followed within an hour by sunrise)

This lack of variation in light makes is difficult to decide when to go to bed, which is why we can often be found working early into the morning. 


(Dining room table workstation with Alex Forrest, Elisa Lindgren, Georgiy Kirillin and Will Rizk)

However, now we have finally gone to bed. So… Seuraavaan kertaan! (Until next time!)

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