Introducing the Disko2013 study lakes

We are coming to the end of our stay at the Arctic Research station.  We have had a really successful trip and managed to take Russian and short cores from 3 study lakes as well as taking a short core from a glacier-fed lake (just for fun!).

Disko 1 is a very shallow lake just 5 m deep situated in the middle of Blaesedalen valley.  It took quite a while to locate this lake as the valley floor is very flat.  After clearing snow and drilling through the ice several times, we located our sampling point.  Here we are walking transects across the lake to drill holes to locate the maximum water depth.


On our first field day the weather closed in very quickly, so sampling Disko 1 took us 2 days.  Luckily, the weather improved on day 2!

Our second lake (Disko 2) is a beautiful lake situated in a small cirque.  Again the weather was very kind to us when we sampled, with clear skies and very little wind. We recorded a maximum depth of 10 m and took replicate Russian cores and a short core 35 cm long.


Disko 3 was the ‘fun lake’ which is glacier-fed.  We had to travel by ski-doo across the Lyngmarksbraeen glacier to get to this lake, which is situated at 525 m above sea level.  Disko 3 is the deepest lake we sampled at 29 m.  We took a short core which was 43 cm long.  We decided to sample this at 0.25 cm resolution, which took a while (numb fingers all round), but should hopefully give us some interesting results.


Disko 4 was also located on the other side of the Lyngmarksbraeen glacier and accessing this lake involved some advanced ski-doo driving.  Here we are arriving at the lake after the bumpy 1.5 hour journey.


We had lovely sunny weather for sampling, and took the Russian and short cores at a water depth of 7 m.  We collected mud from 150 cm long sediment core.

Having had such a successful trip we have plenty of mud to bring home to the UK and start analysing.

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