Mud, glorious mud!

Despite the cold weather, we have taken successful Russian and short cores from 2 study lakes.  Here we are taking a short core at our first study lake.


The short cores are about 30 cm long and we have been sectioning them in the field.  This can prove quite tricky and the equipment is prone to freezing.  Luckily, flasks of hot water help resolve this issue!

Here, Emma and Suzanne are getting ready to sample the core.

The Russian cores are about 150 cm and date back to when the area last deglaciated.   The corer is lowered down to the lake bed via a series of rods – the equipment is really heavy so you have to hold on really tight!  Mark is tightening the rods to lower the corer into the lake.


All hands on deck once the Russian cores are out of the lake.  We have to carefully wrap the  core ready to transport home.


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