Farewell to winter

The Easter holidays, which I again spent in eastern Finland, provided an excellent last chance to enjoy all kinds of fun winter outdoor activities such as kick-sledging, cross-country skiing, building up a snowman, and hiking on the lake ice. However, returning back to Oulu and seeing all the melted snow piles revealing bare ground made me realize that it’s time to say farewell to winter and accept the fact that the skiing season is done for now. Back to the running tracks!

IMG_1700 IMG_1709 IMG_1690 IMG_1725

At work, I am literally heading towards the spring as well –namely to Barcelona, where I’ll be representing INTERACT with a speech and a poster at the 7th GEO European Projects Workshop in mid-April. The Group on Earth Observations (GEO) is a voluntary partnership of governments and international organizations, coordinating efforts to build a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). INTERACT is one of the European projects within GEO and a contributor to the GEO Cold Regions activities. Our participation to GEO is still very young, but already now we can see a lot of potential for synergy, so I am excited to attend the meeting to present what we are doing, and to learn more about what we can contribute to GEO.

Our regular readers have probably already noticed some small changes on this blog site. The blogs from last summer have been archived and can now be found from the “Archived blogs” section of the site. New blogs are starting up in the “Blogs from the field” section, and we are welcoming new bloggers from, for example, Litla-Skard in Iceland, Kevo in Finland, Abisko in Sweden, Mukhrino in Russian Federation, and Zackenberg and Arctic Station in Greenland. The bloggers start any time now, so stay connected!

Until the next time!


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