Team spirit in Greenland

Don’t know how it’s possible, but the INTERACT meetings just get better with time. Last week’s Annual Consortium Meeting in Nuuk was really a fantastic experience. The breathtaking sceneries of the Greenlandic nature, modern architecture of the meeting venue at GINR, the wonderful people attending the meeting and the well-prepared program gave me energy and inspiration for at least next half a year until the forthcoming Station Managers’ Forum meeting in Abisko in Sweden.
Even though the meeting itself was full-day work with work package presentations, mid-term review, and Station Managers’ Forum, we also had a bit of time to explore our surroundings in Nuuk. This was arranged as a guided bus excursion around the town, followed by a visit to the Greenland National Museum. The museum, located in the colonial harbor area of the old quarter of the city, made such an impression by its beautifully curated exhibition showcasing traditional costumes, tools, and hunting equipment. After the museum visit, we had a possibility to walk around this eldest part of the city with well-restored wooden houses, Nuuk Cathedral and statue of Hans Egede, who founded Nuuk in 1720’s. The statue Mother of the Sea stands in the water next to the cathedral and our excellent local guide vividly described the Inuit legend behind its creation.

Cathedral_statue ice berg_scenery IMG_1613 old nuuk scenery view_venue
Back to the office now, but the images from Nuuk will stay alive in my memories and hopefully I get to visit Greenland soon again. At work, next few weeks will be devoted to selection of projects recommended for access to the Boreal Stations of INTERACT network, and after that it’s time to start calling for new bloggers for summer 2013 to the Arctic Research Blogs.

Until the next time!

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