Signs of spring

The last weeks we’ve been able to enjoy fantastic winter weather –sunshine with clear blue skies, temperatures just below zero, plenty of snow to ski. Day length has increased by hours since the beginning of the year and the birds have started to sing, which is always a sign that winter starts to give room to spring. Another sure sign of the spring is when the researchers start making plans for their summer field season, and we are nowadays daily approached with questions related to next summer’s field work arrangements. There will be 50 user groups visiting 18 stations with support of INTERACT TA, so it seems like we are going to have another busy field season ahead of us. Fantastic!

A rare but most welcome sight, that we've seen unusually much lately -the sun!

A rare but most welcome sight that we’ve seen unusually much lately -the sun!

The last day of the TA call to Boreal Stations of INTERACT is at hand, and I am waiting with great interest to see how many and what kind of applications we receive. After the applications enter the scientific evaluation, it is time for me to travel to our Annual Consortium Meeting that takes place at GINR in Nuuk next week. It will be wonderful to meet our INTERACT friends to plan for the future activities, but also exciting as we have our project’s mid-term review at the same time. This will be my first-ever visit to Greenland, so in case the program gives room it would also great to see a bit of the surroundings and experience the local culture.

More about the Annual Meeting in my next posting, now it’s time to continue working on my presentations there!


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