Warm greetings from Oulanka

…in a fact bit too warm greetings as January didn’t give us much in the way of cold midwinter weather here at Oulanka Reseach Station. After a relatively normal and cold December, this year started with rather mild temperatures with the average for January being -10,5 C. This is clearly higher than the long-term average (temperature measurements start from 1966) for January which is -14,7 C. Sure, it’s a small sample size and no reason to jump into conclusions but it always gives you pause when you notice something like this.

A winter view from my home yard in Kuusamo in January.

A winter view from my home yard in Kuusamo in January.

In more positive news, we are anxiously awaiting two sets of automatic water quality monitoring stations to be installed in Lake Kitkajärvi, the largest lake in the area. The floating stations are to be operated around the year and will wirelessly send close to real-time data streams on key parameters (temperature, oxygen, conductivity, turbidity and (surface only) chlorophyll) measured both near the surface and near the bottom. We are really excited to get the equipment going! We are also in the process of testing a new high-end webcam that was recently installed in a location overlooking the adjacent, beautiful Kiutaköngäs rapids. The camera is capable of full HD 1080p resolution but we are as of yet uncertain whether our data connection and server can handle this or not. By March we will hopefully be able to stream continuous high-quality video into a few designated web sites, including INTERACT if so desired!

Riku Paavola,

Station Manager

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