New day, new call!

Results of the previous TA call were just wrapped up, but here we go again –opening a new TA call, but this time only to Boreal Stations within the INTERACT network!

Six stations are available in this call: BIOFORSK Svanhovd in Norway, OULANKA, KEVO and KOLARI in Finland, MUKHRINO in Russian Federation and FINI Sornfelli in Faroe Islands. The sites represent a variety of ecosystems from boreal forests, bogs and other peatlands, wetlands, flood plains and freshwater ecosystems to highlands and fjells, periglacial landscapes and low alpine tundra, providing opportunities for researchers from natural sciences to human dimension.


Each station has their unique characteristics, and during the discussions with the station managers they identified the following topics as examples of some key research areas to fit their station. But of course many other kinds of research can be conducted at all stations as well!

BIOFORSK Svanhovd: wildlife, pristine nature, endangered and invasive species, changes in land use, anthropogenic influences, effects of air pollution from heavy metals and acidification, effects of grazing by domestic animals

OULANKA: freshwater, plant and tourism ecology, effects of tourism, long-term data series, land use and land use changes, winter ecology, freshwater ice ecology

KEVO: treeline ecosystems, herbivory impacts, periglacial and peatland formations, Sami culture

KOLARI: Finland: human-ecosystem interactions such as effects of tourism, reindeer management, forestry and mining

MUKHRINO: biodiversity, paleoecology, eco-hydrology, mire ecology, vegetation, microbiology, carbon and nitrogen cycling

FINI Sornfelli: periglacial highland landscapes and processes, subarctic ecology

We are looking forward to receiving many TA applications to these fantastic stations available in the call. The deadline is on 28th February, so start working on your applications soon!

Go green! Apply Transnational Access to Boreal Stations of INTERACT!

Until the next time,


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