New Year’s resolutions

Christmas time, and actually the whole December, went by really fast, and now it’s already 2013 and INTERACT is half-way of our current four year funding period –wow!

Beginning of the new year is a time to look forward and make resolutions based on experiences from the past year. As my dear readers probably remember, in my previous posting in November I was all over whining about how there’s no snow…well now I can put a stop to that, because in December we received plenty of snow as the picture below shows… and my first resolution for the new year is to continue 2013 with a positive attitude!



Thinking back, year 2012 was characterized by streamlining and stabilizing many of the practices that were initiated in 2011 when INTERACT started, such as application and evaluation processes, and user group guidelines and practices. The definite highlights of the year were the opening of this Arctic Research blog site and preparation of our first periodic report to the Commission. Many great (and couple frustrating) moments were spent on both activities 🙂 Also, the publication of the Station Catalogue was a remarkable event – such a fantastic book, and a complete guide to researchers seeking information about INTERACT stations.

By far, we have used 40% of the 10 000 person-days of access offered in 2011-2014, and close to 70 groups have visited INTERACT stations by far with our support. Next summer, we expect to have around 50 groups conducting field work with support from INTERACT TA, comprising another 20% of access offered.

My next new year’s resolution will be to improve our practices even further to allow the researchers fully focus on their research,  thus helping them to achieve the best possible results in extending our knowledge about the circumpolar areas.  In addition, a new and exciting project is planned as a spin-off of Transnational Access, involving both researchers and the general public…but more about that later on -Welcome to 2013!

Until the next time!


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