Dreaming of a White Winter

It’s almost end of November and still no snow. Which means that if this rainy, gray and miserable weather continues there isn’t a slightest hope for starting the cross-country skiing season any time soon…at least here in Oulu. Might be that I should visit the Finnish research stations in INTERACT network  –Oulanka, Kolari, Kevo and Kilpisjärvi– in quest of finding snow to enjoy some skiing!

In many other ways the winter has clearly started. The days have gone shorter and it’s dark in the morning when leaving to work and dark again when leaving back home. Perfect time to focus on indoor activities such as work 🙂 you really don’t feel any urge to escape out of office, considering the amount of rain we’ve received every day this week…

Paper star at our office window reminds about the approaching Christmas time!

Ok, bitterness and complaints about the weather aside, because there has also been many positive things taking place lately!  The previous TA call for summer 2013 was more successful than any of our TA calls by far: altogether 87 eligible applications were submitted with close to 4200 person-days of access applied. We are so pleased that the researchers have found this possibility to conduct research in the North!

The applications are ongoing scientific evaluation by our TA Board now, and the applicants will be notified about access decisions by end of January. Meanwhile, I have been updating our files about the access days and funds that were used last summer, collecting project reports, updating our access database and preparing material and statistics for the TA board and station managers for selection of new projects. Nice and steady everyday routine -and especially welcome because I know that December and January will again be hectic. Better keep on dreaming of the white winter…

Until next time!


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