Meeting and mountains in Krokonoše

The TA call is open now, and the past few days have been really hectic with answering questions by researchers interested to apply for access. Things look very promising for another successful call! Along with spending a lot of time by answering questions and guiding applicants, I’ve also spent quite a while in promoting the call to different international and national organizations, institutions, networks and societies. Hopefully we’ll get the message through to as many potential applicants as possible!

Last week was a great one, as we travelled to Krkonoše Mountains National Park in Czech Republic to attend INTERACT Station Manager Forum meeting. As usual, the meeting was absolutely wonderful, providing an update on the recent achievements of our project, information about the individual stations and multiple new ideas how to develop our activities further on. The venue and surroundings of the national park were gorgeous, characterized by multiple vegetation zones, interesting geomorphological formations, and breathtaking sceneries as the park area is located 400-1600 m in altitude.  


Our meeting venue at the Krokonose Mountains National Park -what a scenery in the evening light!

Yet another fantastic mountain scenery, also presenting peat bogs in the front of the photo.


It was great to acknowledge again in this meeting, how wonderful atmosphere we have within our project; extremely friendly and supportive. Now, after returning back to office from such a successful trip, it feels good to continue with our daily activities, knowing that a group of INTERACT -friends continues to work together towards our common goal –building capacity for identifying, understanding, predicting and responding to diverse environmental changes throughout the wide environmental and land-use envelopes of the Arctic.

And last but not least –a big thank you to Jaroslav Andrle and Jan-Elmer Topp-Jørgensen for organizing the meeting in such a great manner!

Until the next time!


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