the glacial transition zone

15 and 16 August 2012

Yesterday we focused on the central part of our study area, from previous DEM-interpretation identified as a transition zone between weak and strong glacial erosion. The transition is obvious in the field and differs in some factors from the transition zone in Sweden that we have investigated earlier – not least in scale. The Finnish area is vast. We look at landforms, elevation, type of sediments and bedrock type. Again the lack of bedrock outcrops and elevations lower than the tree line makes the gathering of information a challenge but we found a sufficient number of mapping locations to get an overview of the area.

The Inari lake depression is a part of the streamlined area, with elongated glacially modified bedrock ridges along the shore and in the lake (photo).

Today the weather was supposed to be bad in the afternoon. So in the morning we took one of the research station’s rowing boats to the other side of the lake to hike up to the highest point on the ridge on the other side. We use the afternoon to gather and discuss our results hitherto and to write this blog.

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