Peak summer and lots of activities in Kobbefjord

In this blogging post I will shortly describe the Greenland Ecological Monitoring (GEM) programme and the connections to the work being done in Kobbefjord. And off course I’ll give an update on the INTERACT groups visiting since my last blogging.

GEM is a programme studying the effects of climate change both in the marine and the terrestrial environment. The long term goal with GEM is to improve our understanding of how climate change affect the different environments in the Arctic. The results will increase our ability to predict how the changes will affect the natural resources – both in the short and long term.

GEM has two research localities: Zackenberg in Northeast Greenland and Kobbefjord next to Nuuk in West Greenland. The scientific concept at the locality in Nuuk is based on experiences from the Zackenberg Basic programme, which was established in 1995.

NuukBasic consitsts of four sub-programmes: BioBasis, GeoBasis, ClimateBasis and MarineBasis. I work with BioBasis and will normally go to the field site 2-3 times per week.

Early morning in at our research facility in Kobbefjord
looking out towards the fiord.

As I mentioned in my last blog post several different scientist have been / will be visiting during this summer and since our cabin only houses 4 beds we have been camping as well… And it has been great fun with people from different scientific fields coming together and doing research – the evenings are never dull 🙂

Camping in smaller tents in front of the cabin.
Photo: Tina Mønster

Chris and Claire (the FRACAS-group) managed to get all most as many Carex samples as planned during their 5 days in Kobbefjord. Amelie from the DEFROST group has been working on her own project in Kobbefjord. Furthermore she has been helping Louise (GeoBasis assistant from Asiaq) with work being carried out at a fen site. Among others they have been building board-walks at that site. The site is located approximately 10 minutes walk from the cabin, but looking at what they have been carrying (see photo) it might have been a bit longer…

After a long day out in the field Chris and Claire talk to Christian about different Carex-species. Please note the cake – 2/3 have all ready been eaten… With plenty of cake
everybody runs smoothly 🙂

Amelie and Louise preparing for a walk to the fen site with
more wood for the board-walks.

Both Chris, Claire and Ameli have left Kobbefjord and Greenland to venture out on new scientific adventures elsewhere. This coming week we welcome two other INTERACT TA-groups: Mike from the QUANTIC group is among others going to look at catepillers from the Eurois moth; and Allan and Martin from the ATINAO group are studying shrub growth.

Other updates to follow. Signing out for now,


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