Change of scenery

Last week was a good one. After three days of pushing myself to the limit, I managed to complete our sections of the periodic report, meaning that we are now more or less ready to leave it to the capable hands of WP1 🙂

After this accomplishment, I was of course absolutely elated but at the same time rather exhausted. So, a little change of scenery was in place to restore my strength and energy levels. As our Scandinavian readers well know, this summer has been exceptionally, excruciatingly, terribly rainy. And with rain comes the coldness, and the greyness, and the desperation about the bad weather that has ruined the whole summer…  As to prove all this miserable weather talk is not just my imagination, below you can see a view from my office window. Besides providing a perfect example about the futuristic 60’s architectural style of our university campus, also notice the water puddles on the roof top. They’ve been there for most of the summer. Not the most uplifting scenery.

But, for four days that was about to change, as I headed to French Riviera, to Nice on Côte d’Azur to be exact. And an example of the scenery follows…

Four days of continuous sunshine in +30 degrees temperatures, soaking in the warm azur blue Mediterranean and enjoying the local delicacies and magnificent sceneries, resulted to me returning back to office this morning as a completely renewed, more relaxed (and much more tanned) person!

No amount of rain, incorrectly routed invoices or indirect costs calculation methodology can bring my mood down now – I am ready and charged up to what ever task there remains to complete the periodic report, help the TA user groups and stations in matters related to access visits, and start preparing to the next TA call that opens in October. Here we go!

Until next time!


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