Cross-check in quietness

Back to office from summer holidays, and working full speed on the periodic report! It was great to notice that while I was gone, the stations offering Transnational Access had done great job in compiling their List of Users from the reporting period, which means that I was able to kick-start updating the access database we keep for the European Commission!

The next thing I will start cross-checking the List of Users against the information provided in Form C’s, which are the financial reports provided by each partner to the periodic report. Several stations have already sent their Form C’s to me for the check-up, so by far it looks very likely that we’ll be able to complete the reporting process from our behalf by the end of July, after which our project management (WP1) will take over and complete the reporting for the whole project by the deadline in late August. After which it’s again my turn to enjoy the final week of my summer holiday that I’ve kept in reserve to recover from the reporting process 🙂

July is the peak holiday season in Finland, so it’s really quiet here at the University for the moment. Perfect working conditions for activities that require full concentration, so I better get back to the report now!

Until next time!


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