From winter, to spring to summer in one blog-posting

I’m Katrine and I’m co-station manager at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR). I will be blogging about the station and our visitors during this summer. The main focus will be primarily on the work done in Kobbefjord, the INTERACT TA-groups joining us there the next months as well as other researchers coming to the site.

Spring came early this year and our first attempt to reach our field station in Kobbefjord by boat was done in early May. But as you might tell from the photo ice in the fiord prevented this. The ice still reached  several kilometers from our cabin and field area. The next visit included snow shoes and was done a week later…

Going with our boat Aage V. Jensen II to Kobbefjord

When the snow melted everything happened quickly. Several plants started budding within days and rarely have we seen so many flowers as this year. The moss campion cushions turned the otherwise dry and dull looking slopes bright purple.

Bright purple moss campion

The two lakes we monitor in the area were ice-free and ready for surveys on June 12 and June 22. We have a masters student visiting at the moment and she is studying factors determining the growth of an aquatic plant (intermediate water-starwort, Callitriche hamulata).

Researchers in a small dinghy going to their field site.
(You will have to look carefully for them in their red suits)

The first INTERACT TA-group has also arrived – the DEFROST group with Christian and Amelie who are going to study the interactions between thawing permafrost and CO2, CH4 and energy exchange. Later today I’m picking up another group – the FRACAS group with Chris and Claire who are going to study functional relationships between Carex species. Later this summer to more groups will join us in Kobbefjord. It looks like it is going to be a very interesting summer with lots of great projects in the making.

I look forward to keeping you all updated on the work being carried out in Kobbefjord 2012.

Best wishes,


One thought on “From winter, to spring to summer in one blog-posting

  1. Scott TIghe

    This area of research is quite interesting. I am a molecular microbiologist in the US and can’t help but think about doing deep sequencing on metagenomic sample from these regions. Our lab does quite a bit of molecular ecology using deep sequencing. Is there any focus in this area in Greenland? I realize that Greenland is more connected with Denmark over the US. Is there any scientists there form the United States? Do you see unique strains of bacteria?

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