There and back

Back at office and catching up with the long list of e-mails that were waiting for me upon arrival to Oulu from almost a week-long trip to Tromso. This was the second time that I attended UArctic Council meeting, and it was only now that I started to have a better comprehension about all the various activities and structure that UArctic is about -it’s really impressive what they do!  The various issues dealt with in the Council meeting included membership and strategic issues, indigenous issues, networking sessions, and presentations about Thematic Networks, UArctic study and exchange programs. We were also able to follow a very interesting panel discussion about the Indigenous Methodologies and how they could be contributing to academic knowledge.

Due to the tight meeting schedule (and my general laziness in taking photographs) I am not able to attach any nice photographs about the magnificent sceneries that were all around us in Tromso and the beautiful Arctic island of Sommarøy where we enjoyed a festive dinner. Instead, I attach a snapshot taken on a parking place at Kilpisjärvi, nearby the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station. The sceneries were just as beautiful there as they were in Norway, so it is totally my inability as a photographer to blame as the image does not make right to the landscape!

A scenery from the Kilpisjärvi area on the way home from Tromso.

I will most likely spend this week preparing the TA activity descriptions for our first periodic report to EU. And of course being alert for messages from the researchers conducting field work in various INTERACT stations at this very moment!

On Friday we’ll start one of the biggest annual celebrations in Finland –the Midsummer. Typically this includes going to the summer cabin (the more remote the better) with your friends and family, burning sausage by an open fire (often replaced by a standard barbecue nowadays), taking a sauna and swimming in a lake after that (first you burn, then freeze), lighting a bonfire (if it’s not banned due to forest-fire risk) and just enjoying the midnight sun (if it’s not raining, most often it is)!

A proof that summer has finally arrived to Oulu -a rowan in bloom.

After the Midsummer it’s time for me to start my three-week summer holiday, during which our WP4 leader Kirsi will make postings, accompanied most likely with much nicer photos than I’ve been able to produce 🙂  Meanwhile, enjoy the summer!

Until next time!


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