Mr. Bond and the ice girls

Well… our time here is coming to an end (by far too fast), and I just would like to introduce some snapshots how life works…

In the last post you have already seen how mosquito works. Here is an impression how avalanche hazard mitigation works in Khibiny mountains (credits of Zuzin, 2006):

Alternatively, there is conventional avalanche protection, such as dams

and local structural protection, such as this splitting wedge.

OK, and this is how catering works in our local residential community:

…the ice girls (I am not kidding – it was their invention) are already prepared for food…

Why I am called Mr. Bond? – Well this is another story, but I am holding an interesting visa of the category “007”. Of course, in my real life I am the helicopter pilot… 🙂

So today we will receive the last data, will eat the last fish for a while, and then we will have to say goodbye to this stimulating place which is – on the one hand – really unique in terms of nature and inspiration, and – on the other hand – heavily influenced by mining activities and profligacy.


Last but not least it is time to say thank you and Большо́е Спаси́бо for the stylisch hospitality and all the organisational efforts that had to be undertaken prior to our arrival

to the local INTER-ACT station manager, Ms. Yulia Zaika and the entire team of the Khibiny teaching and research station! It was a great opportunity to be able to come here!

Have a nice time up there, and hopefully we will be able to return soon!

Cheers, Alla, Tatiana, and Sven 🙂 from the Arktika-Express connecting Murmansk with Moscow…

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