…towards quantification…

Having another of these bright and awesome sleepless almost-midsummer-nights we thought it may be useful to get into science, to approach quantification and measurement. Just to be politically correct, of course. Well, and since we are going to collect data for risk assessment, we are on our way to a specific roadside census – there is a need for our late-night performance in counting cars and passengers in order to get proper data. Since permanent counting points are missing here, it is all handmade by us. One passenger car, two passengers. One passenger car, one driver only. One public bus, five people inside (time to increase the capacity, this would even help to preserve resources…), one car, one driver, one car, one driver, one car, one driver,… [two hours later] again this police car with two people (towards resource economics), then the security car with two guards, then again the police car… [four hours later] …hundreds of mosquitoes later… again the police car… time to go to bed (for now).


This is the Moscow Roadside Census Team 2012: Micha (volunteering), Tatiana, and Alla

Moreover, we were already collecting some information on the avalanche tracks in the local archives – data mining could also be interesting, believe us… and even more challenging if you try to convince the representatives of the local administration that they should start working during business hours 🙂

Well, this is actually just a quick impression of our database on snow avalanches in Kirovsk – with a particular focus on avalanche tracks no. 13-23. We kindly would like to acknowledge the efforts by Pavel Chernouss and Nikolay Moroz from the Center for Avalanche Safety “Apatit” in Kirovsk for sharing this data with us.

Anyway, something is going on every day, but this is it for now.

Have fun with our blog, Tatiana and Sven

NB: Wanna know sth. about these fancy flies? – Here it is:


(sorry, stolen from wikipedia)                         …and what you are always told will help…

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